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Welcome to our artistic place! We are illustrators Olga and Alexey Drozdov. We have lots of things to share and we hope you’ll have fun discovering them all again and again.


E-card is the best way to let your friend or family know how much you love or miss them. There are tons of different e-cards, and they are completely original. Also you can use the e-card constructor to make your own card.


Books for kids, helping them discover the amazing world of cyphers, addition and subtraction, alphabet and varied geometric shapes.


Series of colorings, “The world around us”, which includes separate themed coloring albums with a colorful cover. Every album consists of 14 sheets.

Package design

This page shows the different types of the original package design. You can order any design for a particular package provided by the customer.


This section shows the published books illustrated by us, printed greeting cards, albums, projects, school notebooks and notepads.
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